Head of solution design architecture

Job description

You will be managing the "Solution Design Architecture" service. Its contribution is principally to be found in the contractual context of our commitments in the field of traditional outsourcing, as well as in the positioning of our various Cloud solutions for our prospects. 

As the head of the SDA team, you'll be responsible for

  • organising the E2E coordination process and the ongoing improvement of processes, as well as the contribution to cross-divisional processes
  • complying with the team's budget and for any discrepancies compared with standard costs
  • people management
    • developping the potentiel of your team, put the employees in positions of responsibility, driving their commitment through evaluation, feedback, training, recognition and communication
    • applying a system of indicators that enables them to assess and report on all of their results, including economic performance, and the satisfaction of customers

 As a Solution design architect

  • be responsible for the entire concept of the design solution by including the business imperatives to best advantage and contributing a real, creative vision that looks to the future;
  • take part with the Sales entities in producing offers based on the technical specialisations in order to offer innovative architectures and a detailed analysis of the solution;
  • collaborate with the technical teams and the suppliers in producing business cases for the development of our services;
  • produce ad-hoc technical documentation and offer an attractive portfolio of solutions to the Sales entities;
  • provide for the technical responsibility of an offer in the Bid Management process;
  • take part in defining the needs of the customer in order to suggest technological developments


  • Master degree level 
  • At least 10 years’ experience in a similar position 
  • Very good leadership, both formal and informal, knowing how to take centre-stage in the situations you encounter, good balance between operational, tactical and strategic activities;
  • Knowing how to construct a complete technical/ICT solution (from A to Z), wide knowledge of ICT infrastructure, financial engineering, modelling costs, business plans, and the market as a whole ;
  • Excellent aptitudes for communication (written and verbal) and analysis, team spirit, passionate, visionary, proactive, creative, autonomous, easily adaptable to change and able to play a transversal role ;
  • Any additional element (certificates, experience, etc.) would be a real asset ;
  • Verbal and written proficiency in French. Operational level in Dutch and/or in English.