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I recommend someone I know!

  • all cities, Liège, Belgium

Job description

As an NRB ambassador, recommend someone you know!

There are talents in your network! And there’s a shortage of IT profiles in the job market, but you can help us find good ones:

  • by recommending a candidate, either for a job offer or spontaneously
  • by sharing our publications on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • by telling your friends and former colleagues about the job opportunities at NRB

Thanks to you:

  • we can access a pool of potential candidates
  • we increase our visibility on social media as a dynamic company that’s recruiting
  • we optimize the length of the recruitment process

I am the sponsor of the candidate I recommend!

When you recommend a candidate, you are that person’s sponsor. You are proud to introduce them to NRB and you think that their profile matches the opening and the NRB culture.

What to do? 

Share the CV and all the information to support the application of the person you recommend with the Talent Acquisition Mobility & Staffing team by clicking on "apply for this job"

You will be informed of the follow-up of the application you are sponsoring by the Talent Acquisition Mobility and Staffing teams.

Referral Bonus 

Everybody can sponsor candidates for all job offers open on the site and in spontaneous applications.

Some job offers that bear the inscription "Open to Referral Bonus" entitle you, if you are a NRB employee, to a bonus in the event of successful recruitment. Consult the conditions for granting the referral bonus on the NRB intranet.

Job requirements