Life Cycle Assessment Specialist

Job description

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We are currently searching for a Life Cycle Assessment Specialist for one of our clients, an European Institution located in the north of Italy. The client hasĀ four main areas of interventions which are key for the European Green Deal: raw materials and circular economy, Life cycle assessment and sustainability of supply chains, natural capital accounting and ecosystem services, and soil science and land sustainability. Coordination of the scientific activities in the Life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental footprint (EF) domain. We work at the science and policy interface toward wider and better use of LCA and EF for policy making, e.g. in support to: green claims, assessment of sustainability of production and consumption systems (e.g. of the food system, including its environmental impact, food waste accounting and valorisation), sustainable development goals and assessment of their interlinkages.



  • Data analysis and data modelling on areas of production and consumption systems, including e.g. food systems, packaging, bio-based products
  • Data analysis of EU and national statistical datasets (e.g. database of production and consumption of products)
  • Analysis of the integration of different information systems related to life cycle assessment data, social life cycle assessment, mass flow analysis data, etc.
  • Assistance during relevant parts of production and consumption model testing, analysis, technical documentation, evaluation and reporting.
  • Participation in technical working groups, progress meetings and meetings with different counterparts, in support of the implementation of the model
  • Develop environmental and social impacts estimates for different products and product groups.


  • Minimum 2-3 years of professional experience in a life cycle assessment specialisation
  • Good knowledge on development of datasets for analysis/modelling tools and techniques, as in particular related to life cycle analysis software and tools for impact assessment
  • Ability to efficiently and fast identify, collect, convert and update different data types/sets in several locations and (life cycle inventory) databases, as related to data from different sectors relevant for the EF method (and in particular, related to food)
  • Ability to efficiently and fast test and update data related to different impact assessment methods (in particular those related to toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts)
  • Good knowledge of different tools and software for LCA/EF (as included in the EPLCA, in particular Look@LCI; data validation tools) and data formats for life cycle data (as ILCD and EF data formats)
  • Knowledge in data analytics, in particular related to analysis of life cycle inventory and impact assessment datasets as in use in main Life Cycle Assessment software (e.g. OpenLCA, SimaPro or Gabi)
  • Knowledge in agricultural modelling and statistics
  • Knowledge of social life cycle assessment and related database (e.g. PSILCA, SHDB etc)
  • Knowledge of material flow analysis software
  • Knowledge of software for qualitative data analysis ( e.g. Nvivo, etc)
  • Knowledge of modelling tools for specific applications (e.g. CAPRI modeling, etc)
  • Knowledge of tools for econometrics analysis (e.g. GAMS etc)