Powerbuilder Specialist

Job description

Trasys International offers IT Consulting jobs at the European Institutions and International Organizations.

For our customer based in Luxembourg, the European Commission, we are looking for Powerbuilder Specialist. The role would involve the following:

  • Provision of expert advice and assistance, technology watch, evaluation studies, architectural considerations, applicable standards, solution patterns and best practices in a specific area of ICT infrastructure technology ( e.g. database management systems, Java Enterprise technology, enterprise & web content management, XML, portals, business process management and rule execution engines, interoperability, business activity monitoring and business intelligence technologies, Web 2.0, .Net technology, application life cycle management, test driven development , search technologies, Identity & Access Management, information security, federation protocols (SAML v2, WS-*, STORK … )
  • Studying the “information requirements” by perusing the documentation resulting of the previous phases of the project(s) (e.g.: vision document, legislation, operational arrangements)
  • Identify interfaces between the concerned systems and other underlying strategic information systems 
  • Elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and business case analysis related to the area of expertise
  • Performing a detailed functional requirements analysis containing the detailed specifications for concerned systems;
  • Performing/reviewing the architecture and the design of the information systems;
  • Drafting the uses cases and system architecture in accordance with the interoperability constraints of the others strategic information systems 
  • Proposing, agreeing and designing of application mockups based on an identified set of business processes and technical risks recorded during the detailed analysis.
  • Writing business application documentation to provide accurate and clear timely reference material to end users of application usage.
  • Serves as liaison between business and specific IT departments.
  • Helps defining interfaces to and from different IT systems and users.
  • Defines user policies and standards for IT system usage.
  • Coordinate the delivery of new systems and extensions of existing systems capabilities.



– Minimum of 5 years experience in Powerbuilder

– Good knowledge of R.U.P. project management methodology; U.M.L and object oriented analysis methodology and formalism;
– Good knowledge and experience of system prototyping and design (Functional; performances and security aspects);
– Good knowledge and experience of client server and web based applications architecture;
– Ability to work independently in a multicultural environment, in strict connection with the IT staff and the users;
– Knowledge of JIRA and other Atlassian tools;
– Knowledge in production of documents that support the development lifecycle


  • knowledge/experience with Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL